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Upcoming Events

Current projects. 


  • Windows — Art Glass is currently repairing/restoring four windows on the chapel. They have completed about half of the project. The weather and illness have delayed the completion of the project. This is phase one. We will continue to restore the remaining windows in phases. This is a very expensive (but much needed and very important) project.

  • PA System — We are working with Dean Bader and a colleague of his to upgrade our PA system. This is much overdue. The project is expected to be completed in six months.

  • Marquee — We are working with Brewer Graphics on a marquee. The marquee will be placed at the bottom of the church terraces and display upcoming masses and other events.

  • Copies of the 1967 “What’s Cookin’ in Saint Marys, Missouri” cookbook compiled by the St. Ann’s Sodality of the Immaculate Conception Parish are now available. It was reproduced as closely to the original version as possible. To purchase or for more information, please contact Kim Breig.

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