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Gifts of Love

Our Beautiful Stained-Glass Windows

The gothic arched glass windows of the St. Mary Immaculate Conception Church are very special because they are a combination of colored stained-glass pieces with hand-painted scenes in the panels.  The lower part of each window contains inscriptions that identify the various donations and dedications of the local congregation.  The following is inscribed in the lower part of the windows.


Starting on the right side near the altar, (1) in memory of John G. Jordan (his wife was Mary Difani), (2) in memory of the Rozier family, (3) per the generosity of John Tlapek, (4) in memory of the deceased pastors of St Mary's Immaculate Conception Church, (5) a gift from the Young Ladies Sodality, (6) in memory of Mrs. Adelaide Laville-Lawbaugh, (7) in memory of Louise Grither-Bartels (this window is facing Kaskaskia Island, visible from the nave, but mostly obscured from view by the choir loft and stairs).


Starting on the left side near the altar,  (1)  in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schaaf, Sr., (2) in memory of Mr. Louis Schaff, Jr. and Wife, (3) in memory of Mrs. Rose Tlapek, (4) in the memory of Mary C. Bartels, (5) a gift of the Married Ladies Sodality.


And finally, the wide painted window over the entrance door to the Church depicts the Virgin Mary in the clouds (Heaven), surrounded by eight cherubim. She is standing on a snake (presumably symbolizing Satan and his defeat) and a horn. The artistry is stunning! It was a gift in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Friedman.



Some of these magnificent windows are in need of restoration.  Critical preservation work is needed to sustain this Holy Place of Worship and remember those who financially made its creation possible.  Part of the Preservation Society's mission is to take responsibility for sustaining the chapel, other buildings, and the grounds.  Please help us serve the community and save our treasured past by becoming a member of the St. Mary Immaculate Conception Church Preservation Society.


By Karl Schultz and Brenda Thompson, Board Members of the St. Mary Immaculate Conception Church Preservation Society


Do you have photos of the Church or historical events related to the Church? 

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